Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bumped into Karim Rashid

So it's true - everyone shops at Winners. Yesterday, while perusing the shoe racks at the Bloor & Avenue Road location, I spied award winning designer Karim Rashid wandering the aisles. Just the other day I received an email regarding his appearance at Indigo Books:

Prolific Designer
is the perfect way to describe Canadian raised Karim Rashid. He has designed everything from dishsoap packaging to hotels and restaurants. I would describe his design sense as fun & futuristic. I have chosen some of my favourites from his website:

Graphic Treatment for Audi A4, Korea

Lobby of Prizeotel, Bremen, Germany, 2009

Bosco Pi, Moscow, Russia, 2008

Kit 24 House, Toronto IDS, 2006

Semiramis Hotel, Athens, 2004

Pots, Grobal, 2007

Flow Candlesticks, Nambe

Life Kettle, Copco

Slice Y Peeler, 2009

Matceramica, Ceramicon Collection, 2007

Kleer Ribbon Chair

Dirt Devil Designer Series, 2008

Method Hand Soap Packaging

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