Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Community Park Sneak Preview

I played hooky from work for a few hours to attend the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Community Park at Concord CityPlace. The park will be open to the general public in the near future, and today's event was an opportunity to celebrate those who have dedicated their time, vision and funds to this project.

Mayor David Miller
The Mayor thanked the Concord Adex Developers for their generosity.

Councillor Vaughan announced an upcoming contest to give the park a unique name.
Details will be coming soon to

Terry Hui
Concord Pacific President

Darrell Fox
Brother of Terry Fox, Canadian Hero

The Terry Fox Miracle Mile

The running track forms the perimeter of the park.

Douglas Coupland
Park Visionary & Designer

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
10 pairs of scissors!!

MP Olivia Chow
(with Terry Hui and Mayor Miller)
Olivia has been a long time supporter of this project (since '85!!!)

George Pimentel
Canada's renowned celebrity photographer was there to cover the event.

The Big Red Canoe

Why? may ask...Why not?

Iceberg Benches
These resin benches are wired to light up at night.

Fishing Bobbers
These will also be illuminated after dark.

Beaver Dam
Created based on actual beaver-chewed sticks.

The perfect September afternoon for a park opening.
The water feature was a welcome surprise!!

All photos by CherishToronto

Follow this link to Check out Christopher Hume's report on the new park:
Toronto Star Video

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